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Complaint and Service
Where should one turn to with its defected goods?

Within 72 hours of the purchase, the goods should be returned to the shop where a replacement can be asked for. Make sure you keep both the products and the packing intact.
After 72 hours have passed - but still within the warranty period – the consumer has two options: either take the goods back to the shop it was purchased or to one of the service partners indicated on the warranty card.
In case of limited warranty (when there is no warranty card, usually purchased for under 10000HUF), during the first six months the vendor has to prove the damage was caused by improper use. In practice it means if the damage was not obviously (even visibly) caused by improper use, service and repair are granted. In the next 18 months, if the vendor does not admit its responsibility in the defection, it is the customer who has to prove otherwise (the rights of limited warranty for durable goods expire after 36 months). This may take a while and it is often not worth it. If you believe you are right, it might be more effective to write to the manufacturer or the vendor for their understanding in hope of a positive future relationship.
In each case, make sure not to forget the receipt!