Privacy Policy    

Privacy Policy


Beez Amsterdam is committed to protect the privacy of personal information – in accordance with the 1992/LXIII act on the protection of personal data and the publicity of data of common concern.


Our website is made accessible to each and everyone without e-mail address, username or password being required. When visiting our website, it is the users IP-number and domain name that are registered. These in themselves do not provide us any personal information. Statistics are made from these not name-related data. Quantity and length of visits can help us shape the content and structure of our website. As is the common routine, our webhost sends a so called cookie file to the computer of the user. Cookie files are stored on the hard drive – unless they have been prohibited – and do not contain personal data. Its purpose is that the webhost identifies the computer upon further visits thus improving usability.


Data processing is to support the comfort of the user by offering significantly better browsing speed and allowing us to personalize the content of the pages – to a certain extent.


Subscribing to our Newsletter requires basic information. These data are being stored on our servers and are not shared with any third party. Your request is needed if you ask for your data not to be stored. After signing up the user will receive our latest news and special offers until his or her withdrawal.


Our pages contain several internet links to other websites. Please make sure you get to know the user terms and privacy policy of those sites too, as the hereby written paragraphs refer to our own website only.


We do our best to keep our website appropriate for all age-groups. Having said that, we strongly recommend parents to supervise the internet use of their children – especially under 13.


Please contact our webmaster if you intend to limit the use of your personal information or if any of these data has changed.