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Terms of Use


Please take time to carefully read the Terms of Use regarding the Beez Amsterdam website. In questions concerning these user conditions and the whole content of the website the relevant Hungarian laws should apply.


The whole content of the website is copyrighted. Information can be printed in one copy only by each and every user for non-commercial purpose only. No changes can be made on the content; no copyrighted data can be modified or deleted. All rights are reserved for downloaded information; it cannot be reproduced, neither spread nor delivered without written approval of Beez Amsterdam.


All information on the website should be interpreted in its original form and context. Despite all our efforts on accuracy some mistakes may occur. For these technical errors we apologize and reserve the right to change them without notice in order to correct them. However we do our best to notify you of the changes. We also hold the rights to change the technical parameters of the products without notice.


Information on our website does not qualify as official business offer. Temporarily advertisements may be found on our site from time to time, which may not include all the details of the sales promotion. In case of sales promotions we ask you to contact our related commercial partners directly.


For your comfort, we have placed some internet links – referring to other websites – on our pages. As these website are not under our helm, Beez Amsterdam Kft. do not take any responsibility for their contents. Please make sure you read the relevant information regarding those websites before using them, as all risks concerning the usage of them are taken by the user. Our company does not take any responsibility for data defect, other damages or profit loss.


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